How to make images of your blocks and how to use them

This is a short guide on how you can upload images of your blocks to the community and use them in the creator.

We see users posting photographs with different levels of quality but urge everyone to use the following method.

When you want to post an image of all your blocks right click a bit of white space in the blockseditor and choose Download blocks as Image

If you want to share just one set of blocks you can right click on the block and choose Download blocks as PNG

The png that you save is also containing all the code used.

You could for instance save it to your computer and make a kind of library of functions. When you need something you just drag and drop it into the blockeditor.

It should be able also to drag and drop straight from a topic from the community, but i couldn’t get it to work when making this guide.

Maybe some of you have some other tips and tricks on how you make your blockimages.

I for instance use Shutter to make all my block images. As you can see i work with Linux.


awesome guide… Thank Peter…


Nice Feature I Dont Knew About This Feature Thanks @Peter

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Yes, so many people don’t know about this…

I am one of them :joy:

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I know that b4 but it is really convenient.

i try to use your png and it not working, but if i use my download png blocks using download block and bring it to another screen it works.

isit right or something not working in my chrome

Nothing wrong with your chrome


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cause i think , i used to drag block picture from community and i can ,but maybe thats just wrong

i try to do use this Draging .png Feature.
it makes the Screen Green saying Copy when i Drag the .png file from my PC’s Downloads.

But my Blocks Don’t copy.

This works only with one set of blocks and not all blocks, for example if you have a procedure that you use often, see below

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