[FREE] Parallax View Pager - An Extension for creating view pager with parallax effect

Parallax View Pager

Hi everyone, hope you are all good and be happy after new update of kodular. This extension allow you to create a view pager with parallax effect. There are two types of modes available in the properties. You can use any of them. You can head to the preview section of the topic for watching preview of the view pager.

Now Let see some blocks and their doecumentation.

All Blocks







There are two types of interpolator that apply some effect while transforming the pages.


component_event (4)

This event raises when the pages changes.

component_method (2)

Add the view component in view pager

component_method (3)

Remove the page at given position from view pager.

component_method (4)

Select the page at given position.

component_method (5)

This block creates the view pager to the given layout or arrangement in in parameter.

component_method (6)

Remove all the pages from the view pager.

component_set_get (1)

Returns the current selected page index.


Propert for setting and getting the interpolator factor. In easy words scale factor are some amount that customize the animation.


Propert for setting and getting the mode or parallax effect type.


Propert for setting and getting the interpolator of the view pager.

I hope you understood the documentation now let see how we can implement this in our apps.



Changing some properties so blocks can be reduced.

Here I have used dynamic components extension for making and adding pages dynamically.
It is very simple ot add in our app.


Let see output now

Right Overlay

Left Overlay


ParallaxPager.apk (5.3 MB)

ParallaxPager.aia (309.7 KB)

Download Extension :


Thanks to @Shreyash for his super Rush .
Thanks @yusufcihan for Dynamic Component Extension.
Thanks @DevYB for his Image Loader Extension

Suggestion and issue are welcome

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Thank You All


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Great extension.

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nice work @Sumit1334

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nice work @Sumit1334

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Good work @Sumit1334
And thanks lot of time

@Sumit1334 Please add a block to set colour of the dots. :pray:t2:

Dots are not created with this extension. You have to create them manually. I have created these dots with this extension. And with the hlp of decoration component I overlapped them on the view pager.
Sorry I have not shown full blocks that contains dots indicator part thats why I think you got confused.

blocks - 2021-07-16T090413.983

Here is the aia file of this project

ParallaxPager.aia (309.7 KB)

Thank you so much Sumit. You and your extensions are great.

I Have A Doubt ? Are You Human Or Machine ??

Extension Making Machine = @Sumit1334

One Man Army :grin: :grin: :+1: :+1: :+1: :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:

Yes he is, every other day he’s here with a new extension.

Dear Sumit, I need your help!
Can you please create a aia in which the banner images automatically slide on top (as shown in the below video)

Please share your valuable reply to me (its urgent for me)
Thanks :heart:

Use a clock and change the page whenever the time offs.


Hope you got it.