How to use View Pager Parallax Extension

I want to create a auto sliding banner’s on top which is also shown in below video :

Is anyone here who Can create a aia/ or blocks in which the banner images/cards/arrangements are automatically slide (after some seconds) on the top in app.

Suggestion: Try this free Parallax Page Viewer Extension (extension link) (post link)

This may help you

Yeah, but can you please provide me its aia because its blocks are too complex to understand for me and whereas I also make changes in it for my project.
Please reply

Try this modified aia using clock component (original aia was provided by developer [FREE] Parallax View Pager - An Extension for creating view pager with parallax effect - #7 by Sumit1334)

ParallaxPager_1.aia (310.3 KB)


But you want to make a complex routine and you want the blocks not to be complex?:thinking:

He already wrote the tutorial :+1:

Read and try to do the same.:+1:


That’s awesome,
Actually I was created it without extension with very simple blocks (shared below)

Output is :
but I want to remove selected area from it.
How can I do it??

Scroll down to experimental properties in View Pager properties (note that it may not work in app)

how do i use these blocks of this extension??

Question was about View Parallax extension and now you keep asking different things.

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