[FREE] ScanView -ZxingView Version 2- Extension

Which extension did you downloaded? As there are two versions of the same extension, one uses the ZxingView library and another one doesn’t…

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The one that does not use the ZxingView library

Ok then wait for @Silver to answer your query

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What is the error you are getting, please elaborate so we can fix the issue together.

Have you included Barcode Scanner extension from Kodular to your project?

If not you can try to include it and see if your issue is solved.

In a variable, I am getting the result from your extension
Barcode Scanner added to project, screenshot with error

You can use ScanView v2.1 without zxing library from this (56.0 KB) link, you have to use the normal QR code logo extension and you can’t use Kodular Barcode Scanner in your project. Hope it help.
in a future update I will tackle this issue in depth. But for now if you follow these steps everything should work fine for you.

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Thanks, but that didn’t help either, this time the application just closes itself without error, I will wait for your update so that you can read and create a QR code in your extension

hey i have a query
suppose im creating an qr app
i use ur extension but with that i also use barcode scanner of kodular
then it would work fine
im also using another qr code extensions too

I have tested the method, and it works ok, if you want aia I can send you.

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I will post an update soon, it will support creating QR codes.

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I mean will it wrk with other
qr extensions???

There is a version in the first post without zxing library, it will work with other QR code extensions but not with Kodular Barcode Scanner in the same project.

ok then its ok thnks
no problem even if i downloaded extension 50th time

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For any help PM me.

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I got this error, no other qr code extensions or kodular barcode scanner used with this, but got this error, after that i just imported your aia as a screen to my project… same error

Good Work And hope you do more then extensions
i need to use zoom of camera in barcode scan how can i do this ?

Have you supported the front flash of camera?

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@mahmoud_hooda Yes, it is supported

I’m looking forward to this feature!

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