[FREE] ScanView -ZxingView Version 2- Extension

Hi @Ken

I am working on the promised updates, but I have so many work in real life, soon I will publish it, stay tuned and sorry for any inconveniences made by the delay.


Could you make the new update work with another QR code extension?

good morning kodular members
I faced a problem with the extension that it’s keep crashing when I used the surface came as default.
any support

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There is a version in the first post without zxing library, it should work with any other barcode or qr code related extensions.

Please be specific,tell me exactly what is your problem and if you may share some screenshots showing your blocks.

Hello good afternoon, I saw that there is a duplicateScan block, and I am not able to use it, my problem is that it scanned a sequence of qr codes before saving, for example ten qrs, what happens is that the app does not scan the last more if i scan it then the other one and go back to it, it scan again qr code duplicating in my list.

I wanted that after scanning eight qr codes and without wanting to beep one that I have already scanned shows the message, duplicate qr code, I am not sure how to use it to suit my project.

Hi Fabio_Alves, I didn’t understand what you actually want, please explain clearly what is your issue so that I can help you.

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Can it support camera zoom?

Not for now.

Does this mean that it may be realized in the future?

I see no use for this feature in this extension, if more people want it then I will implement it.

First of all thanks @Silver for your great work.

Example app with extension version 2 is crashing when used in companion.
With the apk it works but it is hard to debugg without companion.
When first open the camera displays for a few miliseconds then the app is minimized and comes back to the Kodular Scan QR Code (main app start screen)
Any ideas why it could be crashing?
Thanks in advance

hello @ApoloP

Unfortunately this extension is not working in Companion right now, if I managed to fix this issue I will post an update here, sorry for any inconveniences.

For any help, please PM me.


I am sorry… My bad I just realized this is said in the description :blush:
Thanks again for your amazing contribution.


Yes Extension crash in Companion can you fix it ? And if possible thanku for great work

If I were allowed to express a wish, then I would wish to have an qr-code, data matrix and barcode creator out of the data we actually scanned with this extension.

to make a “copy” of the scanned code for the smartphone.

Unfortunately, I did not find out how to use the correct extensions together. here version 2.1 but then without barcode scanner, there the qr code extension but without library. I got lost somehow.

I am working on it, maybe in upcoming update!


Your wish will be fulfilled in the next update!
For now use these files to work out your issue!
scanview.zip (6.3 MB)


Why ScanView Camera Is Not Working Full Screen?

Can you post your aia?