[FREE] ScanView -ZxingView Version 2- Extension

You can use this block to set the Background color and opacity/alpha, the last 2 digits of the color hex value is to control the opacity/alpha for the background.

You can’t upload aix directly.
And I recommend to use Qr extension together with ScanView’s without lib version.

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Hello (again). I need to scan a DATA MATRIX Code and recreate it in the same app. Is this possible and if yes, with which extension versions. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for your attention

Sorry for that, can you provide me with a link to this version of your extension?! Without zxing.

You can use ScanView to scan DATA MATRIX Code but it doesn’t support barcode generating yet.

The barcode is not read more than once, that is, you can read the same barcode once and cannot read it twice.

You need to set the property: Duplicate Scans ( false )

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I have this error can you please tell me the reason? :sweat_smile:

Are you using the 56kb size extension?

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Yes, do I have to use the 527kb ext?

Yes Or No ?
56 kb Or 527kb ?

Try : Switch to the other 640kb size version

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There’s no error anymore except only for the camera that it didn’t fit on the size.

You are using an emulator? Try in a real device.


Hi! When I scan the barcode, it gets focus but nothing happens. What could that be? It’s as if the barcode is not recognized.

Please , show your blocks :+1:


On some smartphones this is also happening with my app.
Cannot scan the barcode.

The app is for users to work with the barcode reader. But it’s not working on some devices.

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There is this block:

In some HUAWEI smartphones and other chinese smartphones this value must be set to float value between 0 to 1.0 to adjust the camera focus to read the barcode. sorry fot this issue.


You do not need to apologize… :+1:
I’m just showing some probable errors…
I will check… Thank you for your attention :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m getting a major issue using this extension:
The reader take too long to read an EAN 13 format and many attempts are necessary to get the right code from de scan result.

I like this reader, it’s flexible and has many good resources. This “reading” problem is the only one a have and it’s a major issue for me.

If you need someone else to test your realeases, I’m here.