[FREE] SMS Reader Extension


Extension to get all SMS messages from phone. This extension contains READ_SMS permission so be careful while using this extension in your apps while publishing them on Play Store. Google may reject your app if used without proper declaration of its use.

Permission used: android.permission.READ_SMS


Instructions to use extension


Check if permission is granted if not then request permission before getting messages. PermissionRequested event will return true if granted.


Get all messages asynchronously from phone and returns list of senders, messages and time stamp.


Get all messages asynchronously for a given sender.



com.thekstudio.SMSReader.aix (8.8 KB)

Messages.aia (86.6 KB)


Is there any way to make it run in bg? Same as Truecaller?

I am not sure, you can try with background task extension if it works.

But, why you want to do this? :thinking:

I was trying to make an app which reads sms in bg and send notification of it, same as default sms app.

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It should probably work fine.

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Then you also need to change default sms app. Otherwise both apps will give notifications when a message received.

That will be great.

If required i will add more features to this extension to send a message, and other required features for a sms messaging app.

Changing default app can be done easily, but how to make it run in bg, and if you can make the feature of sending sms, it would be great.

To make it run in background you need to try it with ItoO extension. Try it and post any queries in respective topics.

I will add additional features.

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Added Get Conversation function.

Additional functions to write messages settings such as Delete, Mark as read, Block etc. can not be added as it will not work even when WRITE_SMS permission is given due restriction from Android, as it allows only default SMS app to write messages settings.

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Best Extension :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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