How to read sms in the background?

Hello everyone, I am creating a app which is based on a simple principle:-

1.Read Sms in the background.

2.Send the sms to the user’s registered email.

I can make this app run in the foreground. But I am unable to know how to make it run in the background. For that I have seen several extensions such as Itoo Tasks Extension, Background tasks extension. But I am unable to understand their usage.

Can anyone help me in guiding how to get the sms in the background.

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Please help guys , It is one of the biggest issues in kodular which makes it inferior to Android studio. Please help . I am ready to pay also if I got the solution :pray:t2:.

Don’t tag users in a first post to get attention. That is against community rules.

What have you tried? Did you search the community?

I have searched the whole community as well as whole google , but I am unable to find a solution to this. I am not able to understand why kodular isn’t able to read sms in background. Why,???

It really makes it inferior to Android studio.

If you think it is inferior, and you already said that twice, why use it?

I like kodular , it’s development speed is unmatchable but what I meant to say is , why isn’t there any solution available for a simple thing like this.

If you think it is simple you could make it yourself.

I also think you didn’t search well

If I could make it , I wouldn’t be asking here in the community, also I have searched many times but still no solution is there. This question has been asked many times but still no solution. Why so??

Maybe it is not so simple as you think :wink:

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@CPM_Delivery I already have the aia, I can give as per your requirement, But it will be paid. Please note : It’s doesn’t work in some device.

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@CPM_Delivery Well, i can create custom extensions which works in background.

Pm me.

I haven’t remembered but i have created this kind of extension for some one.

It was like reading sms and sending to airtable in background. It was for personal use

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