[Free] Social Media Like Post List View Aia

Social Media Like Post View with Firebase

I am here with a new project Social Media Like Post View using dynamic components extension.

This is a combination of Facebook and Instagram News Feed UI with full working logic.


  1. User can create post within the app, same as like Social Media.
  2. Post can be created with description and one image or with only description.
  3. Take less time to load post data and images powered by Firebase.
  4. User can like post by double clicking the post image same as like Instagram or by clicking :heart: icon.
  5. User can save and share post image with description by clicking on download icon.
  6. Downloaded Post images will be shown in Gallery.
  7. Posts are loaded according to created time that is latest at the top.
  8. User name and user image can be taken and shown by getting his image URL and name from Google login.
  9. Time stamp is attached to the post when it is created.
  10. Floating Action Button to Create New Post.

Useful for Educational App where students can post their imp notes, facts, image notes on a global platform.

Customisations can be done to add more features.

In test Apk, User name and User image is fixed as user login is not implemented in this aia.


This project is now open source :heart:

Feeds.aia (428.6 KB)


good job… Awesome work… Keep it up…

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Nice and clean ui.

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Nice one, UI looks Good.

Why didn’t you use only a progress bar or maybe circular progress to show the uploading status.
It will look better.

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Yeah, as i said

This is a basic UI.

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We can’t Unlike the post.

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Yes, we can’t but can be possible with some changes

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One suggestion after posting the feed should be refreshed to view our posted photo.
For now I have to close the app and then again open to see my post.

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Yes, because to refresh screen, i didn’t got any possible way to do it within the screen.

but paid :pensive:

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Owsm work
Do u use any extension?

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Only one extension used.

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Hmmm Looks Great i just upload 1 Image :grin:

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Status text squeeze in my device

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Thanks for letting me know,
It will be fixed soon.

Nice, update :tada:


Can you plz check updated apk to check that problem??

no comment system ?

No, it is not included in this aia.

what extension do you use ? for like heart popup.