[Free] Social Media Like Post List View Aia

Custom toast extension.

how can i get this aia?

PM to @The_K_Studio

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It is working fine…

I have the same error when i enter to the apk can you send me apk please

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Someone has uploaded large image that’s why this error occurs.

Now try with same apk, everything is working fine.

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Have a this future… :point_down::point_down:

How can i create…?

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is this project available?

@The_K_Studio i keep receiving dm bc of your nice logic. could you help them please?

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how do i send a pm? i am interested.

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Welcome to the community, since you are a new user you won’t be able to sent a pm but I’m sure that @The_K_Studio will see your post and will send you a pm


can u pm me pls?

I have already PM u, pls check.

Nice idea are you using paid firebase or the free plan because by the looks of it you will lose your bandwidth quickly. But you can optimise to save that bandwidth.

This is just a template with some posts which works with free plan.

Usage depends on the actual users and number of posts. For heavy traffic definitely paid plans required.

Comments work?

No, it doesn’t have comments section. But you can modify it as per your need.

Where do you save the data?

Please read the post description.