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WheelView, like number picker, but can be any strings, original code from https://gitee.com/mirrors/WheelView
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aix: 滚轮选择框扩展 - 浮云小站

Thanks @wildcontrol to sponsor this extension


Nice extension :+1:


This is what we expected for dob wheel, and you as usual did it… Hats off @Kevinkun ,


Great work @Kevinkun .

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Nice extension @Kevinkun

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can i display only middle selection line? please make a block to chose no of lines to display

can you elaborate more?

want to display only middel line

Then adjust the height of the arrangement, simple, reduce the height and check up

by adjusting height lines disappears in this order 5,4,3,2,1 but i need 3rd line(selection line) to display, i know still we can manage 1st line with index, but fonts are faded on remaining lines except selection one and don’t know how this height adjustment behaves in different devices

add ItemCount property.
it should be an odd number, like 1, 3, 5, 7, …

I don’t know why the new builded extension now working on Fenix, and I need to stay way from computer for one week.
Here is the source code
src.zip (4.3 KB)
, if any body is interesting, please build and upload here, thanks.


hi could someone please upload