How to make make custom number picker?

![Number picker image]

What do you want??

I want to make two spinner horizontally like in the image

Ok let me see This

My question with be more clear in this image

Try the list view, add the numbers as the elements.

You are looking for dob or time picker like?

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yes, you got it

I hope it is not possible with kodular default blocks. But possible with deephost extension , unfortunately we never suggest that

But why I got notified? :thinking:

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There is an example in MIT’s App Inventor community that might help you

Why don’t you use this method?

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Is there only 1 block in the extension ? :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

Sorry i need to fix it to working with kodular, it used anonymous procedure which kodular not support

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At first by mistake he inserted your custom web view extension topic link !!

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Pls try this
cn.kevinkun.WheelView.aix (20.9 KB)
I can not login kodular builder, only test on other builder, pls try and let me know if its working.


I think now it is working

Works Fine :+1:


Are you looking like this?

DOBwheel.aia (29.6 KB)


This should be available with its properties like text color, selected text color, font size etc.

Thanks for your suggest. It will be in next update.