Number Picker wheel - An Experiment

Few days ago, after reading this post :point_right: Number Picker Component, I started experimenting with the available components, to see if custom Number Picker Wheel can be made.
On that above mentioned topic, I suggested to use spinners which will do the same task but then also I was keen to know, can this be achieved any other way?
So I started using related components, playing with their properties and I would like to share the outcome of this with you all :point_down:

  1. Below is the simple Number Picker Wheel, made by using a Vertical Arrangement, a Horizontal Arrangement, and 3 List Views with a Label to display the result.
  1. This :point_down: is the another one made by using Surface View, Vertical arrangement and a List view.

Note: I know that these both do not look like the actual Number Picker Wheel but as said earlier this is just a experiment or you can say a workaround. I also know that there is already a built-in number picker wheel present in the notifier component.


Looks Nice

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