[ Free ] Yt Scraper Extension

Yt Scraper

YouTube Scraper.

Credit goes to FaiezWaseem, Github,
and credit to ©PaxSenix for adding some feature to the code.


• Excess:
→ You don’t need to use Api key
→ Json result


Ytscraperr.aix (16.7 KB)


Coming soon


Thank you for your contribution

  1. Please also follow the naming conventions
    Naming conventions for extension developers

  2. As the solution uses php, did you set up your own web server? So im case that web server goes down, the extension stops working? Please mention and explain that in your post.

I will unlist this thread again until you fixed these 2 issues. Thanb you.

Same for the other events


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not working anymore, even in your app its stopped working and showing error.

I am working on it There will be a new version soon

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ok, we are waiting