FTP File upload

hello all … please i need your help in this project if possible

I want an app to connect to ftp server and be able to download files from it or to upload files from phone to it

the uploading is not working i don’t know why

The name of the file can’t be only the working directory… it should be a name like myFilename.txt

Also you can remove to ask for Read permission and Internet. . Read permission is included in Write permission and Internet permission is not a dangerous permission

Also your wait procedure is a bad idea…


I use after connect than upload smple

Taifun how can i add on that project to download from the ftp server
what should i write in the RemoteFilePath && Destination?
is there any additional components or blocks need to be added rather than Call FTP1.Download?

see an example here File location, ftp download/upload
you might want to show us a screenshot of your relevant blocks

obviously you need a connection to your server first


here is my blocks related to the download, i can connect easily to the server and upload documents to it but the download always giving me Downloading failed (Download.error).

Also the getListOfFiles give me nothing, not working and not giving a list

Use after connect than download

my guess is, the destination should be a filename, for example myFilename.jpg

or try to connect during Screen initialize

see i use simple to upload my file and download image use download component Example httpa://www.yourwebsite.com/image/image.png

your video does not help very much
what about providing a screenshot of the blocks of your working solution?

Use this on hosting site satting to upload any file

Wait i give aia ok

ok, these are working blocks to upload a file, however the question is about download


Use download component

testftp.zip (8.7 KB)

Rename to .aia

why it does not work? these are my blocks

Screenshot 2023-06-16 081001
RESOLVED!! THANK YOU :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: