Ftp upload doesn't working in android 11

I was uploading images to ftp directly after the image picker pick. That was working fine in the lower version. But in android 11 that was not working. after request to upload ftp upload error event was call. but it doesn’t return any error message. just it was called.

Help me to solve this please

Is there anyone who know about this, any clue plz :broken_heart:

Temporarily add a label and set label’s text to get selection to see the path. Most probably is a path issue

lower version of android get file path directly, but android 11 get file path from android folder encrypted file. cheek the android version for every phone and if android 11 then change the file path.

change the file path to?

I got this file path. & it doesn’t exist. I tried add file:// but that was also not exist saying by file component


didn’t understand. what i have to add with my selection path. please clear this :worried: . I tired by adding file://+ selection path. that was saying not exist

Please help someone . I have to upload my app :face_with_head_bandage:

@Kodular please help me solve this

Maybe this might help

i tried this
it return false


then i tried this

it return false


Now please anyone tell me how can i get path please

Use Activity Starter to pick file and get file path from there.

do you have any guide to do this?

Thank you soo much. I am trying soon

can you test is this return path exist or not

The File component needs a relative path. But the File.Exists block doesn’t seem to work anyway (exept for files in the assets).

Which “return path”?

For checking if a file exists use one of the File extensions from @Taifun or @vknow360.


why facing this error: no corresponding activity was found :broken_heart:

Try to use image/* instead of Image/*

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