Ftp upload doesn't working in android 11

Use Activity Starter to pick file and get file path from there.

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do you have any guide to do this?

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Thank you soo much. I am trying soon

can you test is this return path exist or not

The File component needs a relative path. But the File.Exists block doesn’t seem to work anyway (exept for files in the assets).

Which “return path”?

For checking if a file exists use one of the File extensions from @Taifun or @vknow360.


why facing this error: no corresponding activity was found :broken_heart:

Try to use image/* instead of Image/*

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after pickup it return null

Can you provided a test aia that shows your problem? The image that you are trying to upload to ftp were is it located ? Do you download it with your app ? Does this happen with all images ?

here is my aia
All_File_Permission.aia (1.2 MB)
i download the app. & picking image from download folder

Try to replace get result with Activity Starter.Result URl as shown in my above example

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ops. sorry

upload error. error is empty. what can I do boss? :worried: do you know? I really don’t want to disturbed you. feeling shame :worried:

I tried this

Does upload error event call
what I can do now? @vknow360

didn’t understand what you want to mean :frowning_face:


that was call in screen initialize

As you can see from my blocks, it works.