Ftp upload error

I am trying to upload an image on hosting by FTP. I tried this

showing FTP connected true but when I try to upload an image then showing an error. which error the error block doesn’t return

Screenshot 2021-05-25 113829

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Show error

Just event was fired. Didn’t return any error

In block Connection Status , insert If block and check is Connected ;
move Upload File block into it ( If block) -

  • file Path ( check get selection paramenter)
  • new Name ( and check Working Directory+get selection values )

In Upload error block - check error parameter ( get error )
Try to insert Connect Error block.


the error is no such file or directory. But I create a directory as given on working directory,even I try with only / , public_html but also showing same error

Screenshot 2021-05-25 113829

There are FTP extensions too which you might want to check:


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arrange filename with url as per image if you don’t ad this address then your file uploaded in root

what should i set as working directory?

if you don’t set then its upload in root folder and you need to move manually

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Ok.i am trying

Well, I did it that way and without extension If you know what the mistake is :+1:

tried this. but showing same error

But how can i solved this? i tried various directory but showing same error

check url correctly some hosting file name is is htdocks and some hosting http or publichtml or small spelling mistake

I did same as my hosting. only problem in directory else connect successfully

can you share your blocks and hosting images

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