Full Restaurant Management System

What is the name of your app?

I don’t know yet :joy:

Describe your app:

With this app, you can access to 4 different modules:
Kitchen Display

In which you can:

  • Add as many products as you want with a Product name, category, description, price and image.
  • Edit all your previously added products
  • Change the tables quantity in your bussiness
  • Manage access codes for your employees


  • Place orders for the different tables, or place takeout or delivery orders.
  • Register Cash, Credit/Debit Card Payments
  • Split tickets
  • Register Unsatisfied Clients that left without paying

Kitchen Display:

  • Check all the placed orders
  • Check if an order has to be served to be consumed in the restaurant, or packed for takeout or delivery
  • Mark already cooked products
  • Call a waiter (press a button and waiter’s device will recieve a notification, ring and vibrate)


  • Check your sales in cash or credit/debit card
  • See sales reports like these:
    Monthly, daily sales
    Sales by every product
    Sales by every product category
    Sales by time of the day
    Kinda like a BI app, i dont know haha, this was made to have a better references in decision making, with this function we can see what dishes or drinks people like the most, so we can prepare only the necesary, also we can check which days, and in which hours people visit the restaurant the most, so we can improve our schedule and have better shifts for our employees.
  • Check the unsatisfied clients and the reasons why they were unsatisfied

Everything is working out with a FirebaseDB, so that’s how we manage to send the information to the kitchen display, the waiter calls, and see the sales reports in real time using the .DataChanged event.
I created this specifically for my own bussiness, i’ve saved a lot of money and time doing my accounting, i’ve reduced paper usage, i’ve fixed some issues in the manegment of my bussiness, and even realized that a employee was stealing, everything with this amazing app that i’ve been using for 3 months now, and took me 4 to make, and i’m still working on it. It has not presented bugs.
I’m using 3 tablets and 4 phones working at the same time and everything is great. I’ve just had this issue with firebase being kinda slow when the internet speed goes down. But apart from that is great.
The devices i’m using are: Amazon fire 7 tablets (7th and 9th generation) and Huawei Y5 2018’s all of them with 1gb of ram and with 0 trouble


What’s next?:

  • Add more awesome reports
  • Add ticket printing
  • Maybe improving the UI
  • Don’t know


Well …even though, this has been working for 3 months now, i’m not ready to share yet. But maybe in future. I’ve even gotten offers from friends with restaurants to sell them this system for about 200-350USD, but meh i didn’t make this for the money, just to help me in my own bussiness. But i’m going to think if i’m gonna upload the .aia for 2USD or maybe free. But stay tuned for updates.

Thanks to:

Kodular for this amazing bulding apps platform. I mean THANK YOU, A LOT.

And for all the creators of the extensions used in this proyect

If this is interesting enough for you, i’ll be glad to hear some feedback, also i can share more screenshots, and maybe a video. Thank you all, and happy Koding!


nice work… best of luck


Looks cool ! My be you can improve UI if you want to sell it !

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Great! :smile:

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Thanks man, aprecciate it

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I’m still thinking the selling part, but i will improve the ui for sure. Thanks for the feedback

hello! Wow, great app you are making! I am a new creator and I am planning to make a restaurant management app too! A few questions on the app:

  1. Is it possible to print out the orders at the cashier counter and the kitchen? if yes, how to link to the printer?

  2. Is it possible to link to the POS system where it automates the cashier machine to open and prints out the receipt? if yes, how to do the linkage to cashier machine?

  3. For the sales report, is it possible to export the data to excel file for filing and viewing? if yes, how to include this export function?

I hope any contributer can help me answer these questions.

You’ve asked this on Thunkable. Please only ask in the community of the builder you are using.

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He paints very well, precisely looking for an equal system to implement in a family member’s business. Nothing you share the project ?.

Hello! I have not created my app yet. I am trying to find out which of the builder - Kodular or Thunkable- is able to support me in building these features before I decide where to build my app

Hi, answering your questions:

  1. When i posted this i didn’t added that, but now i have. And yes it is possible, i use a kitchen display to show the orders but i also print tickets for customers, the only way i could do it was through an extension. I used this one:
    ESC/POS Simple Converter - App Inventor Daniel
    But you can check this one too:
    Extension POSConverter/Bluetooth/Receipt Pack
    They are 20USD and 22 USD each. The way it links to the printer is via Bluetooth, if you buy the extensions the developers may send you an .aia for you to work on it.

  2. Yes, but it depends on your printer, my cash drawer is connected to the printer and it opens out when i send a printing. You won’t connect the cashier machine to the app but your printer.

  3. Yes and no, you may only export an .csv file wich can be imported in excel later.

And for your second question feel free to work with Kodular, it has special components that will help you to make a professional app.


Hi, im not willing to share the .aia right now. You could PM me and we can see if maybe i can make an apk for you to use hosting your own FirebaseDB.
But if you want to create your own app check this one Restaurant Order App, as a template to start Koding to have a reference or for inspiration

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Thank you very much for your advice :smiley:

I get it. There is no problem in getting a test of this platform in apk. Maybe I work in one when I vacate other pending projects under development. But having this working in the restaurant must go great.

Have you thought of adding a customer app, to order and pay takeout orders from home? You will receive the order and the kitchen could update it with the estimated time for pickup. So the customer could skip a line or avoid waiting.


Owsm work… Keeep it up
Best of luck

Hello! i need an application like this for re-open my structure after corona-virus. can please send me the .aia file?

You forgot to specify your budget. I doubt you will get the source for free, but, maybe

We Want This Aia Pls…