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(Yusuf Cihan) #1

ListAddon ListAddon Extension

This extension allows for doing more things with App Inventor Lists. I made this extension with Kodular IDE. :grin:

Current version: 1
Release date: 2019-04-21T21:00:00Z
Required permissions: none
Min API required: N/A

I decided the build this extension because I saw we can actually do more things with YailList (a Java object which used in App Inventor for lists.) So I created additional blocks for the built-in list blocks.


Block Name Description Required List Type
BubbleSort Return a list which sorted by Bubble sorting algorithm. Number
MinimumNumber Return minimum number in list. Number
MaximumNumber Return maximum number in list. Number
SimpleSort Return a sorted list for list which contains strings instead of numbers. String
Compare Returns true if input lists are same. If not, result will be false. All
GetLastItem Return last item from any list. It can be useful if you have dynamic list. All
ToJSONString Return a strictly syntactically correct JSON text representation of list. All
Reverse* Return a reversed list. All
  • I wanted to make a universal extension which will work in all App Inventor distros. So maybe we can have “reverse list” block, but other distros still may not have. That’s why I added this block to the extension.

  • I didn’t add sorting option because you can already have descending sorting by reversing sorted list.


com.yusufcihan.listaddon.aix (8.7 KB)

I hope you like it! :wink: Don’t forget to report the problems. I will try to do my best to improve this extension. :slightly_smiling_face:

(by the way I love direct links)

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(Boban Stojmenovic) #2

Wow nice one :+1:

Btw, It’s like this Extension builder should represent their extensions :ok_hand:


(Manoj Samal) #3

Thanks for this very useful extension:grinning:. In this extension sorting order is available in ascending and better if you implement also in descending order.

(Souvik Bera) #4

@7StarMedia The list utils extension by appybuilder also does support descending shorting.

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(Yusuf Cihan) #5

I didn’t add sorting option because you can reverse sorted list then you will have descending sorting. :wink:

Maybe I can add sorting option, but this will only increase extension size since you can already select the sorting option.

(Pme) #6

Can you add sort option for list in list structure?

Liste içinde liste tipi için destek ekleyebilirmisin? Mesela

Liste item1(isim1,isim2,isim3)
item2 (puan1,puan2,puan3)

gibi bir listeyi belli bir item e göre sıralasın mesela en yüksek puana sahip olan puan2 ise isim2 ve e2 yi birinci eleman olarak geri döndürsün gibi.

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(Yusuf Cihan) #7

Göz atmam lazım. Aslında belki bunu mantık ve bloklarla yapabilirsin ancak tam emin değilim. :sweat_smile:

I need to take a look at it. Maybe actually you can do with logic and blocks, but I’m not sure. :sweat_smile:

(Pme) #8

I already do it with blocks but if i can do it with extension its make easier.

Bloklarla yaptım lakin eklenti olması daha çok işime gelir :slight_smile:

(Manoj Samal) #9

Thanks again for this extension, I have got the solution, check blocks:

check this video if you want to learn step by step, but this is in Hindi Voice

(Yusuf Cihan) #10

Thanks, :grin: (for like and for video) yeah as I said you can revert sorting with “Reverse” block.

Also you don’t need to create new variable for that. You can use Reverse block with Sort directly. Just connect purple block with purple block.