Fullscreen show white bar bug

(Sander Jochems) #19

@Marggx can you give me your AIA, please?

(Franck G) #20

I also have a OnePlus 5t I’ll try to do the same to see

(Franck G) #21

No problem for me with the OnePlus 5T @Marggx
I put a vertical arrangement with height and width at “Fill Parent” and I unchecked everything in property from the screen

Test : Test.aia (1,0 Ko)

(Marggx) #22

@Franck_G28 set the screen to scrollable 1 time and then to flase

and you will have the same bug
i think its only happens when you set scrollable to true one time but now its in all my project even without setting scrollable to true

Full Screen Canvas
(Marggx) #23

@Sander also see

TestingAround.aia (5,7 KB)

here is the aia

thanks ;D

(Franck G) #24

Yes, if you check scrollable, all your app is broken :

  • Title bar are reset
  • FAB doesn’t appear
  • Others problems …

I already notified @Diego who said it’s fixed for the next update.

But I couldn’t get a white bar!

I’ve download your aia and installed the APK from your AIA, i don’t have a white bar !

(Marggx) #25

Okay that’s weird I get the white bar now on all projects?

(BeeriaApps) #26

Franck, did you check my aia files? If still no white bar, what phone do you run it on? I’ll try to test via genymotion.

(Marggx) #27

@Diego @Mika @Sander
the bug is still there with


We know. We had not found fast a fix for That.
Thats why it is now under experimental

(Marggx) #29

okay but if i disable navugationbar the white bar is still there as it was before
and i must enable navigation bar so i dont see this lonly ugly white bar


Wie gesagt der Fehler wurde nicht gefixt…

(Marggx) #31

ohhh sorry habe das not übersehen

(Marggx) #32

@Diego something new about this bug ?
did you managed to fixed it ?

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #33

I’m on vacation now, sorry
And I haven’t worked on that ever, so I don’t think I can fix it myself

(Marggx) #34

haha no problem and thx
have a nice vacation :grin::+1:

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #35

The bug is still there…


We already know that and if you look at the release notes you will find no word that it’s fixed…

(Kanishka Chakraborty) #37

I know… I just pointed it out again.

(system) #38

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