Fullscreen show white bar bug

if you set the everything in screen settings like this

and then use a VA and set it fill parent on hight(also the same bug if you set hight so 100%) and width and color to something
(even if you set the background color of the screen to something the white bar is still white)
you will still see a whit bar on the bottom exactly the hight of a navigation bar( but navigation bar is set off)

you cant see it in forum but above this text just maximize the screenshot
didnt got this bug before the update
im using a oneplus 5t with a bigger screen then 16:9 maybe something with that?(but before updated it worked fine on there)

ok i tested the apk and now the splashscreen img shows where the white bar was in testing the app

the banner ad should be on the bottom of the screen every arragement on top is set to fill parent

i tried everything ( set scrollable, show status bar etc ) nothing works

someone ? it is really look bad

Can I ask, what White Bar do you see, can you take a Screenshot and circle it?

press on the blue screenshot and press the maximize button and you will see

Try enabling the Titlebar. If that fixes it, it’s another Titlebar bug.

nope dosnt fix it

Does it work fine without the VA?

if it doesn’t, a temporary solution would be to keep the Navigation Bar Shown checked until it’s fixed.

Same problem here, it is NOT a bug of vertical (scroll) arrangement. The same happens with ‘Screen1’ (scrollable option enabled). Bottom part of screen is not accessible, just blank space. Navigation bar disabled.
Attached aia files.
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no_layout.aia (1,3 KB)
layout_bug.aia (1,4 KB)


i have scrollable option diabled and i still get the blank space

Yes, with scrollable screen disabled bug still exists.
Tried workaround with -->

when Screen1.initialize
set Screen1.Show Navigation Bar to false

but it’s not working.

i also tried set navigationbar to true and after 100ms to false but also didnt work

Found another bug if you set scrollable with block the title goes to visible and i didnt set it to visible

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@Mika can you look into this ?

I thought @Diego wrote in a other topic that this is already fixed for a next bug fix release.

@Diego wrote me a massage that he send this to other devs I didn’t saw anything about dat fix but nice thank you have a nice day

@Sander please look into it. I dont have time

@Marggx can you give me your AIA, please?

I also have a OnePlus 5t I’ll try to do the same to see