Full Screen Canvas

Hi there,

I am interested in creating a full screen Canvas. I am able to set the Screen component to full screen by disabling the Navigation Bar but the Canvas component does not then fill the Screen regardless of the Height setting.

Is it possible to have the Canvas component fill the Full Screen?



Height = Fill Parent
Width = Fill Parent

Screen should not be scrollable.

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Hi there,

Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I am already using these settings. I get a white horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen despite having Screen background, Notification area colour and Canvas colour set to black. Note I am using the Makeroid app for testing - I am not building an APK and side loading.

The system seems to think the Screen Height is the area minus the notification area (despite being set to full screen). The evidence for this is that I have a sprite positioned at Screen Height - Image Sprite height and this results in the sprite being drawn above the notification area rather than being drawn at the bottom of the screen.

Note I have left the Min SDK setting on the Screen object as the default (4.1).



There’s your problem.

Look here for the white bar :

I’ve now side-loaded the APK and I am still getting a white bar at the bottom. My device is a Nexus 6P.

I have attached a screenshot.



Can you share the APK? A sample AIA with the Sprite would be even better.

Here is the AIA attached…Test.aia (9.9 KB)

I have the same problem and it is not only on a canvas, also on a screen that only indicated blue background and a text in the center of the screen . The white bar appears at the bottom of the screen. I think that is the exact part that occupies the lower navigation bar

Any solution at this problem?THANKS

Look at my topic https://community.makeroid.io/t/fullscreen-show-white-bar-bug/9215

They said there are working on it but didn’t got any solution jet

Any news about the error? in the last update was not solved and has not returned to talk about the topic.
Thank you

Hello again
I’m close to finishing an application where I would not like to see the famous white strip at the bottom of the screen. Is there news about the approximate date of resolution of this problem? Thank you