Makeroid does not support web viewer in scrollable screen?

guys i have issue with webviewer when screen is scrollable webviewer not show.
i dont understand why webviewer not show when i set screen scrollable also it not show when its in scrollaable arrangement.

Web Viewer itself is scrollable. So I think it is not required for your to make the screen scrollable.


yes web view is scrollable but my app is scrollable also.

Have you entered any url

yes i enter url when i set hight width then its work properly but when i set hight width fill parent its not work.

There is also a thread about that:

yes i as i say ehen set hight width in pixel and percentage its work buy makeroid not support webviewer in fill parrent

And what is your problem now?? This is not working… If you want to use the WebViewer with an scroll Arragement, then you must set a height…

ok but i want to make browser app so i want to use webviewer as fill parrent so it fill full screen

Disable the scrollable property and add a scrollable vertical arrangement behind the webviewer

Guys @Kodular you should take a look at this as this approach works on the other builders but not on Makeroid.

Screen Scrollable = true
WebViewer - Height/Width Automatic or Fill parent


This is most probably caused by Swipe Refresh Layout which we use to wrap WebView inside it. We’ll take a look.

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ok its not solution of my problem but its ok.

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