Web Viewer does not appear any pages

when i use web viewer and set url to any link like google for example it does not work or see any pages
what should i do ??!!

What about:


You have to type in the url correctly…

i used https://www.google.com
then yours
but the same result nothing happens

It’s working for me fine…

Please show your Blocks

when i check the Scrollable the webviewer loading but not showing anything
but when i unchecked it it works fine and the website appears
what should i do now !!
i need the app “Scrollable”

You must set a height for the WebViewer like “50%” or “200px”.
Fill parent will not work, if you don’t have a Arrangement with a height

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you can put your webViewer in any vertical arrangement and don’t make its height fill parent

hope it will help you

u r great its woring

Please mention the name whose is working…

And please mark it as solutions!

Yarr Bhai Web Viewer Scroll Nhi Ho Raha Hai Kya Kare

aapni screen ko scrollable mat rakho

it does not matter only you make hight 90 %