Bug with view pager and web viewer

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a webviewer in view pager with 5 tabs want work. if i put the web viewer out of the tap it works.

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Android version

android 8.0 galaxy s8 plus

What does not work?
What error do you get ?

i cannot show an web viewer in an vertical scroll arrangement. If i put an webviewer in an scoll arrangement you cannot load a page. It is different what you want to load you will see a empty screen. It works in a normal vertical arrangement but not in a scroll arrangement. I know that it wont work if the vertical scroll arragement is used in view pager. I dont know if it works if the scroll arragement is not used in a view pager this i havet test it bc i need the arragements in a view pager.

you get no error you see only a empty screen


In which version do you have testet it ?
In new release?

What happens if you set the scoll arrangement height/width to fill parent and try again ?

i used the version what you have online now.
Yes i had set them to fill parent. I made this at first at the web viewer and after that ( no funktion) at the arragement. I played around for a while but you get no screen. i you put the web viewer out of the scrol arragement in a normal arragement or on the normal screen you get on the same moment a scren and see the page. back in the scroll arragement you see nothing.
I thing the same problem is if the scroll arragement is used in tab view. but i dont know i cannot remeber me . i change the hole design bc of that

Why View Pager is not showing any arrangements(Vertical or Table)? Help me. I have used it on screen 1.

i got problem in web view after new update E. Web View Proper Worked in my redmi 4 or redmi 3s prime smartphone but when i open it in realme 3 and 3i it shows only in bottom half and upper half is blank white show. please give me solution.

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It doesnt make sense to post duplicate bugs.
This bug is already known!

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