Webviewer problem

Here I am facing a very very irritating problem and tried everything.

Actually, in web viewer my site is loaded partially it means that the whole page is not accessible.
Means, when we try to scroll for more the site is not able to scroll.

Plz plz helpme

did you put the webviewer component into another component, for example an arrangement?
you might want to provide a screenshot of the designer and the components you used on the screen


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No no no I havent

Provide a screenshot

set the height of the webviwer to fill parent

I have done every thing you are asking to do…And for the screenshot I have not used any such type of block that should literally cause this issue.

Also I am providing screenshot and have also provided screenshot in another post regarding the same but no reply .

try a simple project as simple as possible, which does have only a webviewer component, and set width and height of the webviewer to fill parent
then test different html pages
does it work for you?