Side Menu Button is not working

hello i have a app which develop before 2-3 days…then slider work very well.
but now after your update i update my app now when i click three line slider not come…

Can you explain a bit more? I don’t get your issue :sweat_smile:
Also, can you send your AIA? So I can take a look to it

sir i want to say navigation baar …not work …after your update…

What do you mean? Can you elaborate please?

The Sidebar should work.

If you’re talking about the Slider:

It’s working fine.

I think hes talking about the side menu, assuming thats what he meant by the three line button. I’m also having a similar problem where I lost sidebar functionality with this new update. When you click on the 3 bar button to open the sidebar, nothing happens. This is using the older method. I cannot get the new sidebar layout to work either.

yes bro you are right…side menu …not working after export abd admob ad also not working after exporting

Please give us some useful information.
A usefull Information is NOT to say something is not working.

Maybe you should tell us what you tried.
Show us some pictures

i want to say this side menu when i click three line menu not come only swipe work…and on live it work after exporting not work

Is the layout that you add and want to use as menu visible?

YES it is visible and work vey well on live compain yesterday also work but after updatre not work

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Sure, he is right. I tested it out and the sideMenu button is not working.

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thanks for understanding my problem…but when it solve

So my setup was working fine until this update. Even on now exporting the same program I had yesterday, with this 1.10 instead of the 1.05, it has the same issue.

My side menu is a Vertical Arrangement, set to Visible by default. It is not set to a card.

On Screen Initialize I call to set my Side Menu layout to that vertical arrangement. I even tried unlocking the side menu but doesn’t seem to help.

If I try and add the new side menu extension it crashes the app on open immediately. If I delete the old methodology of doing a side menu, and add the new one, it doesn’t crash, but it still doesn’t load anything.

Hopefully that helps.

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yes bro…side menu not working…i also waiting no any idea when it resolve…i request makeroid founder please resolve it as soon as possible untill reply max time

Yes you right bro

I know the reason, as long as the Show Options Menu is set to be invisible, this problem will occur.

You’re right, it worked for me!

That does fix it. But does have the undesired consequence of now adding the option menu. Is it possible to get these two separated?

Yeah, it is a serious problem. Not only the sidebar button, but also the return button. It brought me great inconvenience

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