No drawer view found with gravity LEFT {Makeroid Side Menu Layout bugs}

Show us what you tried.

When we turn the mobile screen vertical and then turn the mobile screen horizental, then the side menu layout not working and Screen title are visble.

Show please too your blocks

Is the problem only with the new side menu layout component ?
I mean does it work with the default side menu block from screen 1 ?

Yes the problem only with the new side menu layout component

And the “old” block is correct working? Can you try it and confirm it ?
With “old” I mean the block from screen 1

Old block means

I have this bug too !
It’s related to the scrollable bug!
it happens if I try to open the sidebar with any of the buttons you created if the “scrollable” option is enabled when creating the apk

“Side Menu” block from screen 1

Iam sure the bug is still there no matter if the screen is scrollable or not.

Uncheck the “scrollable” property on the screen on the screen on which the problem occurs

I don’t know, at least in my case it only happens when scrollable is checked, everything works perfectly when I uncheck it.

If you have time please test it :smiley:
Iam really sure the scrollable option is not the bug reason :smiley:

I think the bug is there no matter if scrollable is true or false

I have a few minutes, I’ll try creating a new project

I couldn’t recreate the bug, but on my application, it happens instantly.
The only change that activates it is the scrollable option.
When it is activated, the title bar appears, and when I want to open the sidebar from a clickable image, I have this error :
But on the test application, I had no bug, neither with the scrollable option, or by turning the screen.
image image
I’ll try with a clickable image afterwards, because I have to leave now.

We fixed the bug now for today release.

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