Sidemenu not working

sidemenu is not opening on the first time app load when i click on the the 3 bar menu icon.

when i added the sidemenu option, without doing anything if i try to click on the 3 bar menu icon to open the sidemenu, its not working… but if i slide screen to the right side then menu show up and just after doing this if i click on the 3 bar menu icon the side menu is working…

I do this:
Then I open the app.
Then I click on the icon ->> then the side menu is open.

How should the app open the side menu if you don’t add the block for that?!
Automatic after app start? THAT’S NOT POSSIPLE!

If you want that the side menu is open after app start… then do this:

kindly view the second image i have uploaded with the question…

As I said it is working for me without any problem.

I Tried with the second image, and does not work too. One more thing, I put the side menu on screen 2, but works in screen1 too, without blocks! Works even though I did not put the element there

watch this video i recorded, you will understand what is the main problem here…

just take a close look on the 3 bar menu icon on the first run…


same thing happening here . but i will try as mr. mika said…

sir How to Change Side menu Button icon
if any one want to customize in this method


Also for me it does not work the tap on the menu at the top left until you drag the slidemenu with your fingers at least once. After always works.
So I confirm what you say.

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Simply on designer section set your “vertical Arrangement” Visible which was used for side menu.
This problem is causing because before compiling app you make vertical Arrangement of side menu Invisible