Custom sidebar is not working while clicking

I am creating an app with a custom sidebar. When i clicked the sidebar button nothing opening up but if i slide the sidebar, it’s working and showing up. Can anyone tell me how can i fix this problem ?

Show your block

use call sidebar_menu1.Add items
maybe your extension have bugs

Show your when sidebar button click block

Did you add any items in side menu?

Yes designed the sidebar manually

I didn’t used this block

I’m just creating a custom sidebar manually. i didn’t used any extension

Post a screenshot of your custom design

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I designed it manually

So you have to use when cardview click … if I see correctly you used cardviews. See my example, I use HA

I think you didn’t understood my problem. I am not telling that clicking on a item on sidebar isn’t working. I’m telling that, whenever i clicked the menubar icon,it’s doesn;t show the sidemenu. but if i slide the sidemenu , it is showing up

like if i clicked on the marked menu icon, the sidebar isn’t showing

Is Title custom made ?

No. I’m using the default title

Can’t figure the problem, for me works fine. If you wish post aia or pm me your aia to check it

Sure. I’m sending you the aia in PM

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Is your arrangement set to visible or not, if not set it to visible


it’s not visible. ok, let me see if it’s works or not