Sidebar not working

media (2).aia (810.8 KB)
sidebar& buttons not working without load the flipper

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please provide some screenshots also

chck my aia
actualy sidebar & buttons are working but its take time to load flipper

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Brother you have to create a small aia because its too big & other also want blocks screenshot so that they can solve it here only without using aia n doing extra work…

ok let me check. May be i got the prblm…

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why you are using so many screen, you can make multiple screens in your main screen.

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Hi sir. Need a little help from your side in a topic please please please help us…

what do you mean
not clear !

yea even if i do like ths
how to call screen from side bar menu can help me how it done!!

Check this -

Hii sir. Please help us

how call screen from side bar menu click

check the post link i provide…

instead of label click use sidemnu click block to open new screen

using start value?

did you try the example i posted?? i think no. so i recommend you to try it, see the blocks and use your logic. its very easy. you just have to change 1 block.

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no i didnt get

instead of label1 click as shown in the above image use your sidemenu option click block. to show hide screens. like i did in the image

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ok but i need know how it done with get start value

you dont need get start value if you dont use multiple screens, just use global variable to store the value you want and vertical arrangement as a screen