Sidemenu doesn't open another screen

Hi All,

I have created app. It has 4 screens and has sidemenu on screen1.

I have written code on click of each sidemenu items to open another screen. My problem is that first time when i test with screen 1 and click on any of the menu item, open screen works perfectly fine but after jumping on to another screen when i again click on another item on side menu to open another screen, it doesn’t seem to open that other screen.

In short it open screen works in first instance when app loads and when i am inside other screen (other than screen1) and try to open other screen by clicking on side menu item i get no response at all.

What could be wrong, what am i doing wrong here?

Thanks for your help in advance .


Show your blocks…

Quick check that the screen name you enter is valid

Because “screen 1” is different from “Screen 1”

Or else provide the block we’ll check

D.V. :heart:


Here is code block. Here Screen 1 is default comes with Kodular and rest all are screen2, 3 4 etc.

Set enabled property for side menu layout buttons to true

If your side menu blocks are present on screen1 then it will work from screen1 only.

If you try from other screens, it will not work. For that you need to add your side menu blocks on every screen.


Does this mean i need to have side menu on all screens? When we drag and drop side menu initially its attached to screen 1, right? So do i have to drag and drop add sidemenu on all screens?

Yes, if you want to open any screen from side menu on all screens then you have to add it on every screen.


Thank you.