Smooth transitions between screen with side menu

So I have been using the correct way to switch between screens as shown here :

The problem is that, I notice a small but pretty annoying delay when switching screen with the side menu component (by choosing for example the settings category of an app and switching to that screen)
I should mention that the delay is noticeable even when there are not many assets in the app.
I would appreciate any suggestions to make the transition smoother and more pleasant to the user!

Below you can find a test aia to better understand my point and a png image which shows the blocks I am using!
Thanks in advance!

test.aia (7.2 KB)
blocks (1)|449x151

Are you using 1 Screen and several arregements?

The same thing happens to me, it’s because of the photo. for some strange reason every time there is a photo there this happens to me

Hi @Panos_42
Put side menu close Block just before the close screen block

Test apk: wwwtest.apk (5.2 MB)

If problem exist try using another animations

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In the original app , I am using one Screen with multiple arrangements and a second one with just one.
I notice a longer delay when trying to load the first screen which seems pretty logical , so the solution to this would be to use different animations or maybe try to simplify and clear out some arrangements.

Thanks for your response. What you suggested solved my problem for the one screen ( in the final app) , but it seems to remain when having to load a screen with a lot of arrangements.

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The delay is one: does the screen slide horizontally slowly? I had this problem and it was because my arregenment was horizontal. I switched it to the vertical and it worked. :man_shrugging:

I use lots of arrangements in screen1. But I had no problem like this. Here are my suggestions
1)remove some arrangements if possible
2)try with a different device