I'm not able to switch between screens correctly

Hey everyone
I’m not able to switch between screens correctly, and the blocks I’ve found online don’t work. If anyone could please share the right blocks that’d be great. This is the first screen on my app, the splashscreen. What you see on the right are some basic animations just for context.

Try this, designer…


and this should be false


I prefer this way:

Thank you I’ll try these

@Boban @Rene1898
Thank you for helping me out but I tried both your methods and still doesn’t work : /
It’s just stuck on the first screen
If you know what else could be causing this please let me know

Try this (use the current extension version):
phaseOpenScreen.aia (110.2 KB)

Try this

the same block I showed before :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for your help, but when I tried this out nothing seemed to be happening. I think the issue is in the “open another screen screenName” block. I used it with the buttons and also the clock but nothing seemed to be happening. i tried all the methods mentioned above but the screen never changed.
Is there anything else i could try?

Thanks a lot.

Post a screenshot of your screens and indicate which screen you wish to open


Or you can try like this too. In your phase component you have set duration as 2000 also set clock timer true so when the clock timer reached 2000 set clock timer to false and add the above said blocks for switch svreen

It would be easier if you post your aia, just a hunch (there might be something wrong with your screen)

  1. How many screens are you using?
  2. Mention their names.

Did you try my aia?

Try the APK: phaseOpenScreen.apk (5.3 MB)

Does it work?

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Hey everyone, turns out there was an error with companion, not with the blocks. I exported the .apk file and tested it and it works perfectly, thank you for the help though! : )

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Try the method as suggested by @bodymindpower and myself . If it not work, post your blocks

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