Reopen screen without reinitialize

I am working on an app with mutliple screens and much content on each screen. To switch between screens I’m currently working with these blocks:

But everytime I switch between screens the app does nothing for 1-2 seconds.

Is there any way to stop the app from doing nothing for 1-2 seconds?

I think it’s because the “open another screen” block. It simply makes the screen reinitialize and the screens starts building everything again.

Whats is happening in the screen that is opened. heavy on blocks, big assets?

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A mix of both. I already reduced the amount of blocks and assets to as less as possible.
I’m just looking for a better way to switch between screens more smoothly. If there is any.

sometimes these blocks mess up with the app it happened to me also, try to use simple OpenAnotherScreen Block and see does your problem go away ? coz mine did go

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Already tried. Doesn’t help me.
I think I just need a “switchScreen” block.
“open another Screen” opens a new screen which makes the app doing nothign for few seconds. I need a block which opens the screen, which is still open in background, not a new screen.

you can call this a switchScreen block coz it doesnt close the current screen, it just heads over to next screen, and that block you showed in first post that closes the current screen and then opens another. However this is recommended for smooth performance but it messes up sometimes

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use this block only in every screen in your app and try

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I already am using this block, but it doesn’t help that much. But thanks for your effort. I’m gonna just set the screen invisible before swtiching screens to make it look more smoothly. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

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How do you want the previous screen on which you were not to load again, then use only close screen :grin:

These :point_up: blocks can cause OOM error sooner or later


actually these caused error for me, thats why i suggested him to do so

The error posted by @derf4lk3 can be due to any other reason along with the one as @Peter suggested. But the block suggested by you have greater chances of causing Out Of Memory error as according to your blocks the current screen will always remain open and will slowly consume memory and hence the error.

yes i agree with you, but when I used these blocks on Screen1 and when i reopened the app after exiting it,

it opened like this, - I clicked the app icon, it showed the splash screen, then it closed, then i re clicked the app icon then it launched correctly.,
i used simple OpenanotherScreen block and the problem was solved,

what was it if you know something ?

It will not show error if you will open another screen and use close screen to close that screen.

This method will not work
Screen1 (open another screen) Screen2 (open another screen) Screen
If you use above method then it will work like this

Screen3 (close screen) Screen2 (close screen) Screen1
which can cause OOM error.

This method will work
Screen1 (open another screen) Screen2

And to avoid oom error use this:
Screen2 (close screen) Screen1

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