Reopen previous screen without loading data?

Hello, everyone in my app I’m using two-screen, when user clicks on dynamic card screen 2 will open then when user back press I want to reopen screen 1 without loading data.

I tried this method but not working every time when I back press it’ll loading images again.

please tell me how to fix this, thank you…

Dynomic_ListView1.apk (5.6 MB)

A better idea is to store dynamic data on local storage (tinyDb, local storage) then whenever you reopen the previous screen then the data don’t need to be loaded…

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Can you please share blocks or any tutorial link?
I tried everything but not working please help

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Instead of reopening the previous screen, just close the current one. It should go back to the previous one in the same state you left it.


I think if we switch screen correctly then the previous screen is closed, so isn’t there will be a problem?

Switching screens correctly means not opening more than one instance of a screen. If you use screen1 as your “base” you can open other screens from it and go back to it without any problem.


Ohh, i didn’t know this,
By the way @rvbanna420 the best way to do it is use arrangements instead of the screen


Yeah screen 1 is main screen but you can check with dynamic components that method not working

Yes, I’m using arrangements in one screen

@rvbanna420 when screen2 to backpress (if yes then close screen).

I did but when screen 2 close , screen 1 reloading like first time.

@rvbanna420 Show me your screen2 blocks

I attached in this thread, scroll up

@rvbanna420 I can’t understand why you put Dynamic card view click and screen2 back press are in same screen…ok I again recommended you when screen2 back press don’t open another screen(screen1)put if else condition if yes then close screen.

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That only happens in the companion. It shouldn’t happen when the app is compiled and installed. Try it.


Card click on screen 1
And backpress on screen 2

Yeah I only test in Live test let me try in after apk comp.