Side menu size error


I’m doing one app with 2 screens. In each screen I want to have the same menu.

I builded it. My menu is composen by: One Vertical Arrangement and inside it one Vertical Scroll Arrangement.

When I click in the menu of the two screens it appear different:

I don’t know why it happens and I don’t know how to solve it. They have the parameters equal (width, height… all), all in the menu’s are build equal in the two screen’s but one of them appears with a bigger width that I want (red menu).

What I have to check? Any idea why that’s happening?

Thanks for your help!!

You would think that there is a difference in settings somewhere. But another question. Why 2 screens with the same menu. Why not 1 screen with two arrangements that are made visible and unvisible? Then you would have only one menu to change if necessary.

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Hi Peter! Thanks for your answer.

Yes, it will be better with only one screen but I builded it like that and now I’m working with that.

I’m being crazy looking for differences in the settings but I can’t fount it anywhere :confused:

I solved it!!

The solution: The Vertical_Scroll_Arrangement had the option “Clickable” disabled. I had activate it and now the size of the menu it’s what I wanted.


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