Scroll arrangement does not work in "side menu" screen block

I have 2 problems:

1: The scroll function of the arrage that I put in the screen block “side menu” does not work.

2: Is the width of the side menu modified or expanded?

Is that the scroll arrangement that I put as “side menu” has a width of 65% and does not show me that width when I try to see the side menu in the companion or the apk.

  1. Drag vertical arrangement and make it as side menu. Put a vertical scroll arrangement in vertical arrangement and design your side menu in vertical scroll arrangement.
  2. Side menu doesn’t cover 100% of screen.

And I can’t set it to cover 65%?

Thank you very much if it worked, I hope you can help me with the size.

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Do you want to set your sidebar to exact 65% ? I don’t understand what you are trying. Can you upload an image of what you are getting and what you are trying to do?

This is one of the components that are cut as it is the smallest sidemenu of the same size that you assign as sidemenu


The arrangement that you assign as a sidemenu has a width in its properties = 65%;

While the asidemenu being smaller in width I cut out the components.

Set side menu width to fill parent and the component’s width inside side menu also fill parent.

How could I do that?

What I want to change the width to is the sidemenu because it is too small in width for what I want to show.

You set an arrangement as side menu. So set that arrangement’s width to fill parent. You can’t expand side menu’s width rather manage the items you want to show inside sidemenu.

So, to do that make side menu arrangement width to fill parent and set inside items width also fill parent. That’s how you can make side menu without any items being cut on sidemenu edge.

set it to fill parent and

set these button’s width to fill parent

What you want to tell me is that I have to adapt my components to the width that the sidemenu works?

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Probably yes.

Did you tried what I said on previous post? Does that satisfies your needs?

What I understand is that I change the measurements of my components so that they fit in the sidemenu …?

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@OfficialDjJohn Ok, thank you very much, greetings mate.

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