Side Menu is not scrolling

I am Making An app in which side menu is not scrolling

Have you enabled the Scrollable option in the arrangement you choose for side menu?

To scroll the side menu use vertical scroll arrangement for side menu.

Yes I enable the scrolling

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Which arrangement you have used for side menu?

Make sure non of your elements on your arrangement are using fill_parent as height.

Vertical scroll arrangement

First take a vertical arrangement and design side menu in that arrangement. Keep height of vertical arrangement to fill parent. Then take a vertical scroll arrangement outside of previously taken vertical arrangement. In this vertical scroll arrangement move that vertical arrangement. Which you designed for side menu.

Now in blocks select vertical scroll arrangement as side menu.

It’s not working…

Show me what you have tried.

It’s very simple …| You should first take vertical arrangement for sidemenu …as I also mentioned in this video
After that if you want scrolling side menu , you should put vertical scroll arrangement in vertical arrangement , That’s it.

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I tried this but it is not working.
If you want to test then please in your side menu test it and you will get the answer that it is not working

I already used this and it’s 100% working

You should see this picture …and now you can think I did or not

Try first please …and if you tried then please show me your designer part

If you don’t mind can you share any aia file…

No sorry for that…but it’s very easy . Do as I mentioned above…

can you just share the screen shot of right side which one is verticle arrangement and which one is scroll arrangement and which one is putted inside of which arrangement .

i saw this video already bro. but i’m confused at the time of height and difference between verticle scroll and normal arrangements. just show me screen shot of right side of your side menu. so that i can understand what i have to do.
and when i put that width to 70% but still it’s going to far nothing is happening in companion app