How to make custom sidebar scrollable

Hello community !
I added a custom sidebar into my app. I used vertical scroll arrangement to make the sidebar. But now when I’m testing the sidebar it’s not scrolling. can anyone tell me how to make it scrollable ?

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can you show us what have you tried?

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Did you test in apk, instead of companion?

Yes. I exported the apk

I am not sure, whether this is correct way or not… But have a try this…

  1. Add one VSA(Vertical scroll arrangement)
  2. Drag your sidebar arrangement into this VSA
  3. Add this extension colintree Scroll Handler
  4. then try like this,

If anyone know other methods, pls suggest

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Thanks a lot dear. This extension solved my problem

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Take a VA, set height to fill parent, width to 70%, inside that place a Vertical Scroll Arrangement, set height and width to fill parent. Then create your design. Side menu will scroll if needed



Thanks a lot dear

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