Game "Ping Pong" Android TV for Two players

This is a classic game “Ping Pong” designed for Android TV for two players. This app needs to be installed on Android TV (or tablet or phone) and two Android mobile phones connected to the same local Wi-Fi network. Each player must enter the IP address from the TV screen on their mobile phone and connect to the game as the first or second player.

The application is written using Kodular (App Inventor) and uses two third-party extensions:

The open source application is distributed free of charge and without ads and is provided as is, without warranty and liability.

This is a continuation of the theme:

Due to the peculiarities of the Wi-Fi network, the transfer of data from 2 gamers by UDP carried out cumulative packets, which is not good for real time. I want to make the next version with connection of 2 gamers on Bluetooth. This should solve the problem of delays.