Generating docs for your extension for @ExtensionDevelopers

This Topic is for @ExtensionDevelopers
to generate docs for your extension go here - Appinventor Extensions Docs | Home
upload your extension and copy the docs and then paste it here simple
This website is made by @help_cttricks
Hope you like this

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Are these extensions stored anywhere?

no they are not also for example you can see the docs of my Extension - [Free] VideoLayout extension

i am sorry i am wrong i just got a message from @help_cttricks and he said Yah… your extension is store on website so you can share the docs link wth your friends & community and they can also download that from there…

AI2 extension compiler adds docs in aix as component.json file.

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thanks for the info

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Without any consent of the user !
Atleast there should be a note in the website that they are storing the extension.

Right, check this


i know that component.json but it returns in a json format here you can directly share link or copy and paste it

also not just the ai2 compiler but also appybuilder does that

Does AppyBuilder Code Editor use something different than AI2 source? :roll_eyes:

no it uses apache ant library which ai2 uses

AppyBuilder code editor uses the AppInventor Source but the old AppInventor Source

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Ok, so how is it different?

difference is about old and new

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What people are saying, is you’re still just using the AIX files to determine the documentation, but I think this is supposed to be a tool to make it easier. I mean, who would make a whole site providing the user documentation (I totally wouldn’t)?

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true but still what is your extension is too big then making documentation would also be tough for that you can use this website

I mean it took me only 30 days to create documentation for an extension with a fairly large amount of blocks and feasible design. But yes, this will benefit many who don’t want to put much work into it.


yes and still i never said anyone to use this website its their choice to make it

That’s a huge time loss.
What about this?

still this returns in a json format

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