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If kodular remove ad commission from as manager ads maybe this is best for creators kodular should increase their premium fees if ads manager commission removed

Is there any change in commission rate for kodular premium?

Not yet, commissions will still be listed at No exchanges are expected in the near future, but we are open to suggestions.

can we request kodular to cut perimuim fees from our commission?

Initially, at the launch of GAM, you mentioned that we will get high revenue. But the current situation is that Video Ads are not working in the case of rewarded & interstitial ads, causing low ecpm & fill rate.

Before premium, we were paying commission at x% and even after premium we are paying x%. This does not make any sense. Any system like earlier (before GAM) or Premium + which can reduce or remove commission will be better.

Also, the Progressive Rate is problematic, when any update is released there are issues in the update, so updating apps on Day 1 becomes impossible. As a result increase in commission. Since, Kodular is planning to update kodular every month, it will be difficult to update app every month.
Removal of Progressive Rate would be nice.

My Suggestion,
Introduce Premium +, which can reduce or remove commission.


Now I am believing in Santa Claus!:wink:


Yes, Updating Every month would cause frustration on user’s end, Leading to app uninstalls, low revenue and low commission payed to kodular. @Diego Please reconsider Progressive commission rates as Monthly updates won’t be possible.

Did I get it wrong or does Kodular become paid even for those who do not use advertising?


Good step you had taken.
But according to me u should not keep the extension limit for free.


Admob ads components required in kodular premium

so please add them to kodular premium.


As mentioned above that we can use other ad components commission free, Will there be Google admob components available?

For some things you will need to (unfortunately) pay. For example if you want more than 10 projects, more than 5 MB in assets in any project, more than 5 extensions in any project.

There is no extension limit for premium.

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Ok I’m going Kodular Premium Plan! But Kodular all Update (Bug,SDK,Components) are very slow! Even no Bidding option are there! How can i Trust?


Hi @Diego, There must be some relaxations for Commission’s progressive rates, updating monthly would lead to losses on both ends.

Progressive rates seems reasonable only for the App releases which have gone outdated for 6 months or a years time.

Please consider relaxations on Progressive rates.

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If kodular promised all ad components are available in Premium plan and up tp date all SDK any time then and Bidding option, we are going with premium kodular plan…


You will be able to use third party AdMob extensions with Premium.

We will be updating Kodular once every month, so SDK version updates will come a lot faster than now.
Also, you are free to use ad extensions with Premium


We Don’t trust 3rd party ads extension! When we are buy kodular Premium then kodular should give us the ads components as a default.