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Looks like ios support is ready :smiley: or Targeting Android 12 SDK Version


Kodular (Makeroid) started out as a more feature-rich option where we were able to do things in blocks closer to what is possible in code. And that’s what attracted me, as my apps are mostly for learning or non-profit purposes.

I agree that you need to profit from accounts that use the platform for profit. However, I believe that this change should affect only the monetization components (as it was in AB, for example) instead of limiting the functions to users who do not have this interest.

And I know there will be answers here like, “You’re free to leave whenever you want!”, “Nobody cares about that!” or “Nobody is forcing you to stay!” and others, but the point is that old and “loyal” users must be heard and taken into account.

Consider revoking the limits on extensions and projects, and perhaps on assets, for free users, and I think this will be good for everyone.


I think so too. My main apps have up to 15 extensions and is not quite finished yet. I have no assets and hardly any projects so premium is just not worth it for me. Assets need space on Kodular’s servers for sure, but extensions surely don’t.


I want to know something about kodular premium. my question is that, if I buy subscription plan and paid for 1month and then i stop using the next coming month. After some months i use again .Is i need to pay the charges for the month that i don’t use?.


Don’t kill the fun :sweat_smile:

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It has been answered above. Please check the FAQ:


Hi all,
I think a lot of people want to bring Admob ads back. Also, is there a affiliate marketing program to profit from your site, especially since we have YouTube channels in which we explain your site, I hope to put it and give me a special discount for my YouTube followers

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I see that free plan limits is not fair, why the limits on extensions I can accept the limit on assets but the limits on extentions is not fair ,
Personally I have some projects that contains at least 17 extensions so you force me to pay for this .

I think kodular stuff should rethink of this step cause this step will make a lot of users leave kodular stage .

I didn’t like this step that kodular take .:pensive:


In Brazil we have a saying that “forever always ends”


If I stay in freemium plan and pay commission for ad manager why I cant have better ad inventory? I am earning average 25 dollars monthly and you take 5 dollars of it. It makes 60 dollars in a year. (I must gain premium automaticly :slight_smile: and why I cant have better ad inventory and enhanced integration? better ad inventory and enhanced integration will get your earnings higher, too. You can say “so get premium”. But in my opinion this is not a good idea and your timing is not good. Maybe you should go back to admob extensions with comissions with ad manager or make ad manager stronger. I know many people earning much more than ad manager with admob.
With all my respect. Just consider it again.


Although I do like the idea‒ I think creativity will be hindered with a limit on the number of extensions that can be imported to projects.

A burden is now put on developers…

  1. They have to consider if previous code should be consolidated into one extension, making ten extensions available in one.
  2. They have to consider the possibility of not publishing their extensions due to build size.

It’s not my intention to come off like thought wasn’t put into the quotas, however many projects use upwards of ten, sometimes twenty, extensions.


Staff should keep this free forever as long as you don’t include ads in apps idea and consider revoking the limits by creating three plans. e.g.: Free forever plan, Freemium plan (with limits and ad manager only) and Premium plan.


Just 5 days to adapt…this is insane.

Limit to 5 extensions…another decision that is not nice.


The extension limit is bad , please no. We cant pay like this way!!!


Hello Kodular Team!

I understand that somehow you need money to support the development platform, but penalize the vast majority of enthusiastic programmers and students who probably don’t seek extraordinary gains in their projects.
I don’t even think it’s fair to block the generation of APK packages, since it’s not possible to publish on the Google store.
It would only be reasonable to limit the generation of AAB packages to developers who use monetization in their projects.
I believe that before charging a monthly fee for using the platform, all pre-existing bugs and bad behavior of native components should be resolved.


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please diego make the limit of add extension up to 7at least !
why ?
because all user need to this extension in app :
recycler or dynamic
text alignment
database (spreadsheet,baserow…)
json to dictionary !


I’m so impatient to see ios in Kodular.

I fully support the premium plan.


This is impossible because kodular supports java and does not support swift or flutter


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Once MIT AI2 supports iOS then it will become possible for Kodular to support it too. There is no timeframe as to when AI2 will support it. And there is no guarantee that Kodular will then start supporting it.