Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

That’s means you are flaying with your teammates and we are flaying without teammates!! :grin::grin:

Perhaps that’s the point? I can’t say this with certainty, but maybe they only want paying users. AI2 is funded by grant money, Kodular is funded by investor(s) and now premium users. Get rid of the free users whose projects need to be saved, compiled etc for free. Then you are left with users who pay for the servers etc.

Still, makes no sense for me! Anyway, let not make useless funs please!

@deanart2012 , Basically you’re not saying anything wrong here.

But the bitter truth is that, once upon a time Kodular used to say “We’re here to learn, not to earn!” Any comment on this?

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Thanks for letting me know actually. You’re now bullying me. It could either because you could not express yourself due to weak english or you got some ego spending ₹280 a month!

I have tagged Dean, if you see.

You can get upto three months free as you are a professional support:


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Of course this is my hard work revenue that’s make me here Online!

Dear mate! Go get some chilled coffee! I have said nothing to be ferocious about.

Thanks for pointing me to that. :blush:

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Lets cheers! “Opium…” Salt lake…

Actually this topic is for everyone. If Kodular want it to be just for premium users then they can set it to private so that only premium users can enter it. (I’m not a premium user either because I’m waiting to see if Kodular really will fix the bugs and if AdMob extensions work.)

Are you sure? That’s AI2’s motto. That’s why they don’t have Ad or IAP components.

Yes s-i-r! There is no doubt about it. :sweat_smile:

Ok, I honestly don’t remember when they said that. Do you have a link to it?

Dear @Kodular there are alot of Developers who needs Google AdManager not AdMob.
Please focus to maximize the fillrate and enable Video Inventory instead focus on AdMob.

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Once Developers will export APK or ABB with AdMob they may not buy Preimuim next month again. So it will be loss to Kodular & apps with higher Active users will not use GAM so again loss to Kodular.

who said this? .

same happening with other platforms like niotron.

And it’s happening only because they have not been opted for Ad Manager? What an observation you have! :sweat_smile:

When your pack gets expired, you’ll be restricted accessing the pro features again. How is it related to Admanager or Admob?! :sweat_smile:

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If you use ad extensions Kodular will not force you to update your app. So, you only need to buy it for 1 month.
Whereas if you use Ad Manager, they are forcing you to update your app with the help of progressive rate.