Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

AdMob aix are not reliable because developers do integrate commissions without noticing the users etc so Google hates that practice but I trust the built AdMob Component which can be built by Kodular


Just want to make a quick clarification regarding accounts being suspended by Google. Google only suspends duplicated accounts on Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is their only product to issue payments to ad publishers, so it makes sense to only allow one account per person (or company), as else they would be issuing payments through multiple accounts but to the same entity.

Google Admob, as well as Google Ad Manager, are some of their products which you can use to display ads. You can also use Google AdSense to display ads in your website, but there are other tools (as Google Ad Manager also works on websites, for example).
To use any of these products, Google requires a Google AdSense account, so they use that system to link it to your person (or company). Basically, they use Google AdSense to centralize all “entity verification”, even though you may only be effectively monetizing using Google Admob or Google Ad Manager.

Henceforth, you can have a Google Ad Sense account, but at the same time, you can have multiple Google Ad Manager networks (for different purposes), but they will be linked to the same Google AdSense account.
In other words, you (or your company) will be linked to a single Google AdSense account, despite you can be monetizing with different products or networks.

There is no risk of getting suspended if you have both a Google Admob and Google Ad Manager account because of the previously stated.


You are wrong! You can talking about extension up to date as a Ads network SDK updating issues.
yes you are a premium user then you want to default ads components to kodular!
I hope you can search and recharging about Ads network then you know… It’s impossible to share and put their ads unit id to anyone It’s very risk becz now all ads network are verify all like: Appid etc but you can do it as a Company basis…(Extensions Developer)

Perfect clarification! Thank you! Requested to all read the post!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for this clarification but kindly you @Diego and @Vishwas with your all other staff kindly think about our request for AdMob Component we real need that

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We just want Google admob as internal components of kodular for premium users.

If thats not possible you can create an store where u can sell admob extension trusted and made by kodular themselves. Because we can trust you as we are working here on kodular.

But please its a request provide us admob components in kodular ASAS.


One factor all premium user are want to Kodular Internal ads Components Becz We are Trusted only only Kodular… Love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. If it is good to listen to us​:heart_eyes:


Practically speaking we don’t need Admob.

From start, Video ads did not work on Ad Manager & because of that we are facing low Ecpm & fill on Ad Manager.
No attention was given by Kodular to fix this from start of this programme, which led to popular opinion that Admob is better than Admanager.
Current Status - We don’t know if Google will allow Video Ads or if Kodular is actually trying about it.

Ad Manager support bidding & Kodular planned to add some ad network on Ad Manager. But, in last 10 months, only one ad network was added & it did not go well. Now, Kodular says they will add Facebook in Ad Manager around month of October.

In the end, If videos ads start working then we don’t need anything & with Facebook getting added, it will be better.
But everything depends on Kodular. If we go by past performance, we shouldn’t have too much hope.


I’m still waiting for a solution for the camera component, it still doesn’t show the image.

Will students get unlimited number of extensions this month?

@Vishwas Listen to users, please. What we practically asking for is Just the Old Kodular for which we actually signed up but here we are willing to pay premium fees.
That will be good for everybody. You will get more premium users and we will get peace of Mind.

I am not against your plan. But my thoughts for you…

@Diego. There was a time you did not had Google developer account. I told you will offer for free, but you said development is for fun and learning.

Everyone has right to make $$$. My advice to you… you have an empire of developers today using Kodular, take your decision wisely…

Not everyone uses apps for making money… some of them for educational, enhancement, personal , hobbyist and may have more that 10 projects… they will not Upgrade to premium but they will switch to free MIT. It seems you have told majority of your developers to go-away in your announcement. May be few of them already started migration. Once they are gone…they will not comeback, because trust is broken. You should find other way-out. I feel there is a ^–^ in your decision team.

Best of luck


Unfortunate! But I’m one of them! Since I’m not earning even a single penny from my apps, I can’t afford buying premium. :pensive:

Yes, migration would cost me hard work. I’m okay with it.

And, to the Kodular team, I’m not against your decision either. You have the right to take decision that suits best for you.


@Lollipop You are the one who don’t need it but most of us do need it.

jeez :sneezing_face:

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That’s your upon side… But you can’t comments about others user and you aslo not commitment kodular step! I hope you are saying about Truth!

I’ve not said anything against Kodular. And as per your saying, “I can’t comment anything about the steps that Kodular have been taken!” - could I ask why you said this? Is there something wrong in my comment or something that hurt you?

You know also about Kodular…then we are not going ahead this topic…! Becz you are Ads less and individuals person…!.

Now Kodular user are skying without pilot…they are Don’t know where are they skying…(It’s feel who are focus on revenue from their apps)

Mate! What are you trying to say? I’m not getting you. :joy:

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That’s means you are flaying with your teammates and we are flaying without teammates!! :grin::grin:

Perhaps that’s the point? I can’t say this with certainty, but maybe they only want paying users. AI2 is funded by grant money, Kodular is funded by investor(s) and now premium users. Get rid of the free users whose projects need to be saved, compiled etc for free. Then you are left with users who pay for the servers etc.