Generic Discussion about Kodular Premium

Anyone can tell me about this, Is kodular @Kodular going to, extension limit is remove/Increase number of extensions ?? :thinking::thinking:
Please tell me about this, I am unable to pay for premium at this time because I am a school Student. Please try to understand our situation



Hello, I migrated to premium, I want to know if the Admanager fill rates will be improved, and what is the best way to increase the fill rate, if it is optimized or setting ecpm below.

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Set it on optimize for better results.
Thankyou :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there any chance of commission removal for Google Ad Manager?
May be you can 30-40$ per account or 7$ per app like before.

Yes please also in my country… Pay to premium is very compicated no way to pay!

Perhaps they should make a new cryptocurrency - Kodecoin - and accept payments in that.

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Its not easy to make a cryptocurrency. But Its too difficult as compared to implementing a new payment method.

I think it was sarcasm.


Friends, start learning other platforms that may be a little difficult but will make us independent from others because of the convenience they offer. Believe me one day you will be trapped in dependence on those who can make them do as they please. Who cares if for months you can’t even get on with your job? I already started


No, I just only to say to @deanart2012 about their this post

It was more of a joke than a serious proposal.


Ooh! So sorry I don’t understand it. Sorry @deanart2012

Please rethink on extension limit. Don’t include extension limit in the premium keep it as unlimited. I understand about the asset size it require the server. But don’t include extension in kodular premium.


happy with all the update but please consider putting no limit on extensions. Happy to be here



Regarding upgrading to Premium, why is the payment options are, sorry, so limited? I think other payment options, like paying with PayPal, e-wallet (India: Paytm, Indonesia: Gopay, etc.), or maybe even allow us to pay using Google Play through the Kodular Companion app since Google will definitely offer abundant payment methods that may often be used in the respective countries.

Also, as others, I would suggest to bring back the AdMob component. It would be alright to bring it back in Premium but, please, add more payment methods (I think it will be better to add Google Play payment)

Would you be okay with the payment methods offered?

  • Yes, it suits me!
  • No, more payment methods should be added.

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Thank you!

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  1. Limitation of extension is very bad idea , koder forced to use / buy extension because kodular can’t provide the functions
  2. Limitation of project to only 10 projects also very bad idea, some project created for testing or learning
  3. Premium plan is fair enough only for project with adds, but no for project with out adds

Kodular team Please Resolve Manifest permission issue because my app rejected from play console. i am very firested. i am ready to purchase your primimum version but you not late for give Manifest update.

Which one did you start with?

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Diego plz explain one thing.

My app is on the Play Store but has not been approved by Kodular yet. So if I update my app with Ad Mager will it show ads after downloaded from Play Store.

Also: There are many apps that have been approved by Kodular and are on the Play Store.