Get a value from a website and connect it with a result

Hello guys,

i wanted to ask you, can send a value from my app to a website and when the website shows a result, this result come back to the app?

For example, I am in the app and I type something in a text box, when I press search button this text goes here Text Rewriter and Spinner | English to the input section and then automatically the get my output section to my app.

Yes but here we dont have a Wordpress. We have a custom page with custom boxes…

an example is shown there. these java commands get any data from any site

can you help me with a specific site please?

with what site? the one in your first post? why do you need to receive translations from it when there are free extensions and components for translating text

no no i gave an example. i want from this site:

the text will go here:
and the result will get it from here after we press the :

wait a minute i’ll see what i can do

great thanks i will wait!

These are the blocks that should be. This site is heavily restricted. getting the result may not be accurate since I could not test due to limitations. change the number 1 until you get the result

document.getElementById(“query”).value = “your text”;