Get address from latitude longitude


gives my current address
how do i get other address by providing LATITUDE and LONGITUDE ?

what do you want to do ?

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In order to acquire an address other than your current location from google maps is by using reverse geocoding (from latitude, longitude) . So when you click on map you get the lat and lng from that position and then you can pass that values to an api to get the address. You can use Google’s geocoding api or try another service like LocationIQ


Use this extension by @help_cttricks

This will make your work more simpler

thank you got the answer

thanks for support

thanks got the answer

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It doesn’t need this extension. Read the entire topic about the extension, it doesn’t seem to work very well.

Use this guide instead of being get late response from components.

He asked how can he

So that extension does the same thing you provide the Latitude and longitude and it will tell you the address

Did you read the post that you suggested?

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That extension doesn’t workig because of api limitation of that extesion used. Can you give any solution to find location from lat & lng

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Try locationIQ api , daily limit is 5000 per day… then what you want. Or you can use kio4 extension

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